Introducing the Dota Database

I’ve spent some recent weeks building a cool new web site which exposes a lot of Dota 2 game data which may not be easily accessible to most players. You might be thinking, but I already use DotaBuff for all my Dota 2 needs! DotaBuff is great, but it doesn’t cover everything.

For starters, the new Dota Database that I’ve created is useful to see some of the finer details regarding heroes, hero abilities, items, item abilities, cosmetic items for purchase in the store, and more. This includes details like spell and ability behaviors, which shops you can purchase an in game item, hero level progressions, cosmetic item sets, and even pro player autographs. The information for these specifics comes directly from the game files and the Valve provided Dota 2 web APIs.

Live League Game Listing

This page will give you a paged listing of all currently live league games. Some games will display blank data when still in the hero picks/bans phase. Each listing shows the league, the team names, elapsed times, spectator counts, series scores, team scores, player scores, player picks, team worth, and team XP. Click in to the listing to see all the live updated details for the match.

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Live League Game Details

When you click in to a live league game, you’ll see a page full of information about that game. Every 20 seconds, the page will refresh and show you the latest updates about the match. All data is provided by Valve through its Dota 2 league web API.

LiveLeagueGameDetailsTopAt the top, you’ll first see the league and its details, team picks/bans, and some details about the match itself such as match id, series scores, spectator counts, and the duration of the game. Click any hero to go to the details page for that hero.

LiveLeagueGameDetailsMiddleLiveLeagueGameDetailsTopIn the middle, you’ll see the “meat” of the game such as individual player details, map positions, tower statuses, team worth, Roshan status, items purchased, and more. This is basically the section that you’ll want to pay attention to as the game progresses.

LiveLeagueGameDetailsBottomAnd finally, near the bottom of the page, you’ll see a table which contains the overall status of every player in the game. This allows you to quickly sort and compare every player against each other with things like XP, kills, deaths, gold, and more. It’s a good way of determining which team is probably in the lead. Just keep in mind that player stats don’t necessarily indicate which team is winning.

Heroes and Details

Interested in the heroes you can choose from in game? Want to know everything about them? Ever wonder what specific behaviors were attached to their abilities? Then this page is perfect for you.

HeroGridBy default, you can view all heroes by a grid of their icon. This provides a highly compressed and easily visualized selection of which hero you want to read more about. However, comparing heroes against each other is impossible in this view. To remedy that, check out the next way of viewing the data.

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By selecting the Table view, you can see a more detailed breakout of each hero and their stats. Additionally, you can sort and re-arrange some of the data to compare heroes against each other. For example, sorting on Strength in descending order reveals that Spirit Break has the highest base strength of any hero!

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In Game Items

Any item that can be purchased while playing the game (such as blades of attack as shown below) is listed on this page. If you only know a partial name, you can search for it and see the results immediately. There are a lot of items that you may not recognize or even be able to purchase in normal games (such as Greevil’s items), so keep that in mind.

InGameItemsThe interesting thing about this page is that data which isn’t normally visible using the game client is now visible here. For example, through data mining, the page will display how the item is declared to team mates when purchased, if the item is stackable, cast ranges, cast points, and which shops to purchase the item from. There’s more, so take some time to poke around at everything.

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Cosmetic and Shop Items

We all know how Dota 2 makes its money: microtransactions and a cash shop! This page will display all data mined information about 9,000+ items that are available for purchase in the cash shop. Some data that is collected include the hero that can equip the item, pricing information, rarity, when the price was added, and sometimes a link directly to the Dota 2 web cash shop.

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League Listings

There are a ton of leagues in Dota 2. Some of the may be no longer active, but they still get retrieved in the data mining sweep. You can click in to a league to visit its website to learn more about it.