Resolving the problem where “WADLogsTable” is not created in Windows Azure Diagnostics

I’ve been using Windows Azure to host a Worker Role in a Cloud Service for an in-development version of my new app, Steam Community Viewer. This service will allow users to be notified of when their friends come online or start playing a game through Windows 8 Toast Notifications. Additionally, it will push updates to Live Tiles for new Steam deals.

During my tests, I tried to turn diagnostics on, but failed to save them to a permanent storage because the table that gets created when you enable basic logging wasn’t actually being created! Windows Azure Basic Logs will be saved in Azure Storage Tables under “WADLogsTable” based on a logging level (error, critical, verbose, etc…). This table is supposed to be automatically created when the service is uploaded and deployed with tracing enabled. If you find that the official Windows Azure documentation on using diagnostics is not helping you with this task, try the code below in your service OnStart() overload.

2 thoughts on “Resolving the problem where “WADLogsTable” is not created in Windows Azure Diagnostics

  1. I have been your steps to create logs, on my local environment i can create logs on my Dev storage but when i deploy the same on azure it’s not creating any logs. If you have face the same request you to please help me on the same.

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