Steam Community Viewer Privacy Policy

The Steam Community Viewer allows users to search for Steam Community profiles to view profile details, game lists, game statistics, achievements, friend lists, group lists, and more. All data is obtained through public and Valve supplied methods. This application is not associated with Valve Software.

All data is made available through Valve provided interfaces. I do not own any of the data provided through this application. Except for your Steam ID, this application does not store, collect, or share any data that you enter or retrieve through its use. Data is not tampered with between retrieval and display except for formatting purposes. Your Steam ID is only stored if you enable “Friend Notifications” in the “Notifications” tab of the “Settings Flyout”. When you disable “Friend Notifications”, your Steam ID is immediately removed from storage.

This application does not provide any means of managing the your profile data because your profile data is not owned by the developers of this application. The only way to modify your profile data presented in this application is to modify your profile through the official Steam application or website.