Why did my application fail Windows Store Certification?

I just finished watching a presentation on a broad overview of how to setup a Windows Store Developer account and submit applications to the store for certification and sale. Here are some guidelines that I found useful to follow in order to minimize the chances of having your application rejected during certification. The speaker noted that you will most likely fail certification for the first time, especially if it’s your first submission. Annoying, but I guess things have to be very specific to succeed.

1. The application must function in full

  • You must provide a test account for any required logins in the “Note to Testers” fields
  • Your application must not consist primarily of “Coming Soon” and “To be released later” content
  • Your application submission details must not contain false information or false screenshots
  • Your application must allow the user to control audio properly

2. The application needs to meet performance guidelines

  • Your application must launch in <= 5 seconds
  • Your application must suspend in <= 5 seconds

3. The application may or may not require a privacy policy

  • If your application indicates that it requires internet connection, you need to add a privacy policy in the application’s settings and provide a URL during submission

4. Your application must be localized as defined in your app manifest

  • Application chrome and content
  • Application metadata
  • Any and all screenshots and promotional images

All of this information was found from the slides presented in the Build 2012 presentation: “Windows Store: how does it work?”